Practical Life:

Daily practical life activities such as scooping, pouring, polishing, and washing are practiced in order to develop motor skills, order, sequence, precision, coordination, concentration and independence in the child. This is the foundation for all the other areas in the classroom responding to the child’s development.


Sensory experiences with the Montessori materials help children compare, explain, and classify their perceptions using their five senses (sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch). Refining these skills gives the children keys to unlock the world in front of them, and necessary preparation for other subject areas such as math and language.

Language, Science, Botany, Geography, Art and Music Appreciation:

Tangible materials such as sandpaper letters, puzzles, language cards, etc. build knowledge through a multi-sensory experience and promote writing and reading proficiency.


The math materials and lessons are very clear, easy to follow, and fun. The children cultivate math skills which allow them to progressively advance according to their readiness level. They receive the opportunity to solve arithmetic operations with four digit numbers through the materials, and apply their skills to real life situations through oral problems.

Group Time:

Our extensive library of books and music provides cultural enrichment and fascinating conversation on a daily basis. The students learn new songs in English and Spanish with guitar accompaniment. They also learn how to use percussion instruments, do movement activities, recite poems, and practice building a Spanish vocabulary as taught by a native speaker.


The morning program includes Spanish vocabulary enrichment and songs during the circle time. This is reinforced with Spanish immersion moments on the individual or group level, where children are given instructions in Spanish utilizing their known vocabulary and more throughout the day.

Outdoor Time:

Children immensely enjoy digging (to find worms) and tending to their own garden plot on our beautiful playground. The play structures allow for the necessary practice of their kinesthetic and vestibular senses, and those of muscle memory, balance, and spatial orientation.