"Our second child is attending Apple Ridge Montessori because we loved it so much when our first child went through the program. The education is truly individual to each student and fosters confidence through independance. The instructor is nurturing and she insists on a quiet, comfortable environment for students to relax and focus."

- Stephanie Bruning

"Our child attends this school and we couldn't be happier with it so far. The teacher is knowledgable, calm, and clearly loves interacting with the children. We're amazed by how much our child has learned in just a few months."

- John White

"Two of my children have attended Apple Ridge Montessori, and we plan to send our third as well. From the caring teachers, unmatched student to teacher ratio, and intensive learning environment, I cannot express enough how wonderful this school is.

The Montessori method of learning practiced at Apple Ridge has been incredible for my children, they learn both practical and academic lessons daily which promote deep understanding, while in an environment that fosters a love for learning."

- Wayne Hickok

"Great school! The teachers are very nice to children. My son loves going to school and he is learning a lot-both academic and skillful work because of montessori teaching methods.Class room activity is very interactive.

I feel the school is very informative in terms of discussing child's progress with parents and constantly gives updates of activities in an ongoing bases. I would send my daughter there too when she reaches the age!"

- Saikou and Mariama Ceesay- Beyai

"I absolutely love the montessori method. Apple Ridge is a warm, child-centered environment that honors the developmental readiness of young children. Two of my children have attended. One child was advanced and the montessori individualized method allowed him to accelerate .

My other child needed more time to adapt and internalize information and Apple Ridge fostered a sense of security so he could develop at his own pace. Both children gained a sense of independence and their attention spans increased as a result of the Montessori methods. I encourage all parents to visit Apple Ridge Montespdi in Catonsville!"

- Noelle Hickok