Do you offer a 2 or 3 days a week program?

We only offer 5 days a week in a half day or full day program. Consistency and routine follow the natural development of the children in this age range, and allows them to learn and reach their full potential. This fully supports the Montessori Education method.

Do you offer summer programs?

At the moment we don’t have a summer program, and have a 9 month school year similar to the public schools in the area.

Do you offer before/after school care programs?

We offer before-care starting at 7:30 AM, and after-care starting at 3:00 PM, until 5:00 PM

Does my child need to be potty trained to start school? What's the best age to start?

Your child needs to be potty trained or almost potty trained, meaning that we can help with pullups if they are half day students, or when they only need pullups for nap time.

The best age to start school is when your child is 2 ½ or 3 years old.

How much parent involvement is required?

There is no involvement required, but parents can participate in the weekly snack, the weekly laundry and in supporting the school events. (There are about 7 events throughout the school year)

What is the best time to call or visit the school?

The preferred time for calls or visits to the school is after 3 pm.

What’s the Spanish program like?

The morning program includes Spanish vocabulary enrichment and songs during the circle time. This is reinforced with Spanish immersion moments on the individual or group level, where children are given instructions in Spanish utilizing their known vocabulary and more throughout the day.

When can my child participate in the afternoon session?

Children who don’t nap anymore and are able to sustain attention to work independently can start the afternoon session. (Usually after they are 4 years old)

The child participating in the afternoon program is also ready academically; he/she has progressed enough in his lessons sequence to be ready for more challenging independent work.

How many teachers per child?

We have two adults: one teacher and one aide. The classroom can have up to a maximum of 24 children. This is the approved ratio for a multi-age classroom.